SOAX has a cleanest and constantly updating residential proxies database that is available for our clients only. Currently 8.564.325 IP-addresses are active worldwide. Targeting by country, region, city and provider

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What are residential proxies for?

Price Monitoring

To analyze competitors’ prices of goods and services. Using a proxy, you can quickly collect data of interest from any store or service website in real time.

Advertisment Analysis

To find out what types of advertising competitors use and for what keywords they use in contextual advertising systems.

Website Availability

If it is necessary to constantly monitor the availability of visited internet projects, statistics and analytics services, as well as competitor websites without captcha.

SEO Monitoring

For SEO professionals working with software that makes frequent or constant requests to Search Engines to collect information about internet projects.

Data Collection

Any collection of information on the internet, parsing of necessary data from various sources, services and programs that request confirmation of actions.

Offers Check

When you work with affiliate programs and need to constantly monitor the advertisers’ offers, find out about current offers and prices in different regions of the world.

Speed Testing

Testing the speed of internet connections from various points around the world, monitoring the download speed of your websites from other regions of the world.

Accounts Registration

When promoting groups and pages on Instagram, Telegram, social networks and there is a need for constant registration of accounts from various IP addresses around the world.

  • Price Monitoring
  • Advertisment Analysis
  • Website Availability
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Data Collection
  • Offers Check
  • Speed Testing
  • Accounts Registration
Answers scheme


Why Use Proxies?

While businesses feel the ever growing needs for the data about their competitors and other stakeholders, websites are implementing stronger protection systems preventing the use of bots to scrape the data. In these conditions, scraping teams have to look for innovative solutions in order to conceal the true nature of their activities on websites and harvest the data they seek

Proxies are intermediary computers placed between your end computer and the website you seek to reach. Each proxy has its own unique IP address. When you connect via a proxy, you “rent” its IP address, making the receiving website believe that it’s the proxy that accesses its content.

When to Use Proxies?

We work with professional users and “early birds”. While the professional users are dedicated scraping team that already know what their use cases are and what type of services they are shopping for, it’s useful to showcase a number of use cases the “early birds” usually talk about:

  • Compare pricing information across competitors
  • Verify correct and compliant ads placements
  • Access sites from different geo-locations
  • Create and manage multiple accounts from the same machine
  • Protect brand by uncovering illegal use of their copyrighted materials
  • Analyse search engine results (SERP analytics)
  • Search engine optimization SEO)

SOAX is always willing to help you understand how we can work together for you to reach such goals with our proxy-based solutions.

What Type of Proxy to Choose?

With such an abundance of offerings on the market, our customers usually have a hard time identifying the best fit for their use cases. At the highest level, proxies can be divided into free (public) and paid.

At SOAX, we believe that each commercial team should employ paid proxies in order to mitigate any hidden risks and obstacles on your project’s path to success.

We specialize in the rotating residential proxies and here’s why believe in the supremacy of this blend of proxy connections

Why Use Rotating Residential Proxies?

Commercial projects require your team to access high-traffic websites which ordinarily feature robust and deep-packet protection systems. Beefed up with reverse proxies of their own, these barriers are state of the art.

In these conditions, you have two options: datacenter proxies (IP addresses for physical servers located in datacenters; usually blacklisted and banned from major sites) or residential proxies (IP addresses from actual residential properties; whitelisted and suitable for your scraping operations). Although other companies might actively pitch datacenter-driven architectures, coupled with intricate and hands-on management efforts, we believe that your project deserves the best support proxy-wise it can obtain. In line with these considerations, SOAX chooses to offer only residential proxies.

Among these, various companies market static (single IP) and rotating (millions of IPs constantly rotating with each second). Static proxies always stand to offer lower prices but their users would soon face off with frequent blocks and bans, triggered by excessively high numbers of requests coming from the same IP. SOAX has chosen to coalesce and mature a highly diverse and robust rotating network, so that we are able to support your projects, irrespective of the number of requests per minute or bandwidth capacities you seek to obtain.

Choosing to buy rotating (aka "backconnected”) residential anonymous proxies, you stand to win from the following advantages:

  • Higher speeds (rotation enables to send out more requests with no need to worry about potential throttle or ban events)
  • Zero rate limits (with constant rotation, no rates-related limitations apply to your project)
  • Deeper anonymity (compared to static proxies where only one IP is used, rotating solutions for anonymous socks5 or HTTP proxies conceal your activities from prying eyes and help maintain the highest level of anonymity)
  • Better security (shield yourself against any malware or similar attacks by distributing your presence across the multitude of rotating residential connections)
  • Ability to choose between WiFi and mobile proxies
  • Ability to choose between rotating residential socks5 or HTTP proxies depending on the data planned for extraction

Believing that our customers deserve the best level of support and expertise, we’ve discovered and implemented a set of unique advantages, helping us to stand us apart from all other competitors on the market.

Why to Use SOAX?

Here’s just a few of the major benefits you’ll enjoy with SOAX:

  • Diverse and numbers-strong IPs presence (Over 8,000,000 white-listed IPs ready to be used in your scraping efforts from the get-go)
  • Globe-wide GEO coverage (Evaporate any geo blocks or restrictions to uncover the hidden value for your business)
  • Power to geo-target (Cooperate with SOAX in order to target specific countries or cities, harvesting ultra-high-granularity data for your analytics)
  • Free 1-hour test (Test-drive our system and see how it works in your unique context)
  • Say no to usage limits (We’ve done away with all metric-based limits, opening the road to high-bandwidth operations of any scale)
  • High anonymity (Highly rotated mobile and WiFi socks5 and HTTP proxies for privacy through the distribution among proxies)
  • Browse around our site and interact with toggle calculators to quickly obtain the information you need to make a decision.
What Package to Pick?

At SOAX, we’re all about detoxing you from deep-level technical data. Instead, we’ve identified a neat set of 3 packages.

Scroll up on this page and use the form to pick the country you want to target, type of proxy connection (WiFi or mobile) and duration period. Below the form you’ll see the prices and comparative bullet points for 3 packages we cater.

Now that you have the data about our offerings, it’s time to reach out to us in the live chat. If you need a bespoke solutions, we’re always here to help proxy-hungry teams to scale up fast.

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